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HEDT Intel CPUs 2022, ¿fight with AMD Threadripper 5000?

We have long been without Intel signs of life in the HEDT range. Just look at the top end of its processors for the sector was launched in Q4 2019, ie going to year and a half and no news. AMD is moving to new Threadripper 5000So this may mean the final blow to a dying Intel looking to rebuild his breath after a great uppercut of his rival. Are you on the verge of KO or just preparing for something big?

After the 14 nm and 18 cores Intel will attempt to storm the throne HEDT of CPUs

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X has meant a direct jaw of his opponent, unanswered, without even trying, those of Lisa Su knocked to the giant, sent him to the canvas, but they have not expired.

64 cores option AMD seems they will be answered finally, is that although the Threadripper based on Zen 3 and within the range 5000 does not increase the number of cores as such if it will yield, with bones hard to crack. So what Intel is doing in the meantime?

The answer is simple: Sapphire Rapids with a concept of chiplets with interposer quite curious. The first thing we have to keep in mind is that Intel is going to go a step and a half beyond AMD, since, although it is based on chiplets, the design is much more flexible than that of AMD.

The information handled is that the company will integrate 4 different chips: two chips will be the CPU cores, based on these Golden Cove, a chip that will be destined to an HBM module manufactured by Samsung and the last one will be the GPU under the Xe architecture.

Two versions that will raise the core count


Although there is no official confirmation on the total count of cores that Intel will integrate this new architecture, it is rumored two more interesting versions. The first will integrate 56 cores as a Chip 14 (4 chips for CPU), which would leave us 112 threads, which is perfectly possible given that we are talking about the company’s 10nm SuperFIN process.

The second speaks of a more complicated version of glimpsing today: 72 centers spread over only two chips 36 cores each. This theory is based on rumors and leaked slides supposedly where it was said that Ice Lake-SP could reach those 72 to 10 nm cores.

It is true that we are talking about Sapphire Rapids as a platform for HEDT as such, but the reality is that this is the server version of Intel. The HEDT real version would have the same properties and characteristics but come under the name Emerald Rapids. The most obvious question is more relevant, when the market will reach considering that 5000 will be the new Threadripper end of the year?

Because according to rumors in early 2022, so Intel itself in principle to come back to play the game, see if it really is competitive and can cope with AMD.