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Great deals on Windows 10 and Microsoft Office licenses

If we don’t have our Windows 10 updated, we can suffer from a good number of problems in terms of security, since updates are essential to ensure that there is no type of crack in the structure of the system. If the reason we don’t have our operating system up to date is because our license is not up to date, now we have a very cheap and simple to get everything working the right way again.

Windows is obviously important, but Office it is also not far behind, since we are facing the most important office suite currently on the market. We tell you all this because not only can we find Windows licenses at a very good price, but Office will also be present in all the offers that we are going to show you below.

Both Windows 10 and Office very cheap

The offers that you are going to see come from the web CdkeySales, a trustworthy page, where we will have many licenses for different versions of Windows, Office and both together in a pack, with prices that you will not believe. But not everything stops there, since you can get an additional 20% discount thanks to the coupon that we leave you. It’s as easy as putting HZ20 on when the time comes in the purchase process. As simple as that.



Windows + Office

Licenses CdkeySales

You can trust the purchase in CdkeySales, since you will not have the slightest problem. The licenses they offer us are scrapped OEM equipment, that is, devices that were officially licensed, but are no longer operational. Since 2012 they can be marketed with total freedom, since they are considered as physical products and, therefore, capable of being put up for sale.

The buying process is really simple and the same as any of the websites in which we buy every day. That is, we register, find the product or products we want and add them to the shopping cart. At that moment we proceed to the payment, without forgetting the discount coupon that we have presented to you and with which you saved 20%. When CdkeySales verifies that everything has been correct it is the moment in which we receive in our email the licenses fully operational.

From there it only remains to enjoy our Windows 10 and Office with all its functions one hundred percent, to get the best of experiences. Do not miss this opportunity, if not later you will regret it.