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GIGABYTE RX 6700 XT 12 GB, this is what all GPU models are like

The EEC once again filters a new series of GPUs, and although sometimes it does not get it right because of the models or names to be registered, the percentage of hits is overwhelming in the face of errors. As expected, GIGABYTE will also have an AMD reference model for this graphics card and, in addition, 5 custom models that will delight gamers.

GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB, 5 models to cover the entire range

As is usual with these cards and series, GIGABYTE will launch a model with the AMD reference design, which is established with the same aesthetics as that of its superior sisters, but with a dual-fan design that should be more than enough. to keep temperatures and loudness at bay.

The leaked as revealed and seen the design by AMD, there will be no surprises here beyond the frequencies, which seem to be high as standard. As for the rest of the models, GIGABYTE will put on sale 5 versions of the Radeon RX 6700 XT, specifically the following:

  • GIGABYTE RX 6700 XT Gaming (GV-R67XTGAMING-12GD)
  • GIGABYTE RX 6700 XT Eagle (GV-R67XTEAGLE-12GD)

As expected, the reference model (GIGABYTE RX 6700 XT (GV-R67XT-12GD-B)) will launch with the official starting gun from AMD, and presumably, custom models with the AORUS in the lead would arrive a month later. , at least in theory.

All models would be released before summer


As stated by AMD itself, these RX 6700 XT (and supposedly the RX 6700) would arrive before the end of the first half of this 2021, that is, by mid-summer being little optimistic, where the rumors circulating behind the scenes are somewhat more specific : first quarter of 2021, much closer than what AMD says.

What can we expect from this RX 6700 XT? Well, a GPU much more compact than its older sisters, which will introduce the SKU Navi 22 XT complete with 40 CUs and 2560 Shaders, which will be accompanied by those already confirmed 12GB GDDR6 with an interface of 192 bits For said memory, you will have to handle the 16 Gbps of said VRAM, giving a total bandwidth of 384 GB / s.

On his diet, there is speculation with a 8 + 6 pins as configuration for reference models and 8 + 8 in the custom more powerful, so consumption may not be as optimal in the latter and it is estimated that it would be around the 200 watts.

Consumption that is quite contained for the performance expected of it, and therefore, the more compact heatsink design, standard dual slot and dual fan will be the preferred choice of the reds for this model. As for the price, everything is unknown, but seeing the 579 dollars of the RX 6800, if this RX 6700 XT meets expectations, it will surely be on the border of the 500 dollars.