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Gigabyte introduces its own GeForce GTX 960 ITX

“I cook it, I eat it” is a phrase that Gigabyte seems to like it quite a bit lately. You already know the policy it has NVIDIA regarding the assembler modifications of their reference PCBs, but Gigabyte has managed to create a GeForce GTX 960 with ITX formatspecifically designed for small form factor systems, and will hit stores in a few weeks.

Gigabyte is a pioneer in this area (followed by Asus at times), always being the first to introduce custom ITX form factor models of NVIDIA graphics cards. With a PCB of the same size as the well-known Geforce GTX 970 mini, this GeForce GTX 960 ITX (model GV-N960IX-2GD) has a length of only 18.1 centimeters, and although it is still a dual slot graphic it is suitable for the most small boxes on the market.

Despite its small size, this new Gigabyte graphics card integrates all the power of the NVIDIA GM206 chip, with its 1024 CUDA Cores and 2 GB of GDDR5 RAM memory through a 128-bit memory interface. There will in fact be two models, one normal and one with Factory Overclock. The first will have its core running at 1165 Mhz (1228 Mhz Boost) and the second at 1190 Mhz (1253 Mhz Boost). The speed of the memory remains that yes at 7 Ghz effective of the reference model.

The heatsink of this graphic is exactly the same as that we have already seen in other “mini” models of the manufacturer such as the GTX 970 mini, consisting of a single block of aluminum sheets with two 8 mm diameter copper heatpipes and a single fan. 90 mm to cool the whole set. In past versions, it has already been shown that this heatsink is left over to cool the heat generated by the GM206 chip.


On the other hand, among its video outputs we have two DVI (one of them dual-link), an HDMI 2.0 and a DisplayPort 1.2. Unfortunately, we only know that it will hit stores in a few weeks, but the exact date and price at which it will arrive is unknown, although it would make sense for it to cost less than $ 200.