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gaming box for two complete PCs

MetallicGear Neo Qube Specifications

  • Type: ATX mid tower
  • Dimensions: 450 (H) x 270 (W) x 460 (D) mm
  • Compatibility: E-ATX, ATX, micro ATX, mini ITX
  • Grooves expansion: 8
  • materials: Steel and tempered glass
  • Storage
    • 3.5 inch bays: 2
    • 2.5 inch bays: 5
  • Fans
    • Frontal: none
    • Right side: 3 x 120 mm
    • The ceiling: 3 x 120mm, 2 x 140mm
    • Floor: 3 x 120mm, 2 x 140mm
  • Radiators
    • Right side: 1 x 360 mm
    • The ceiling: 1 x 360mm, 1 x 280mm
    • Floor: 1 x 360 mm
  • Internal space
    • Heatsink: 148 mm
    • Graph: 425 mm
    • Source: 275 mm
    • Cabling: 90 mm
  • Front I / O
    • 2 x USB 3.0
    • 1 x USB C
    • 1 x mini headphone jack
    • 1 x microphone mini jack
    • 1 x D-RGB button
    • 1 x Reset
    • 1 x Power

MetallicGear gaming case features

The MetallicGear Neo Qube is, as we have already mentioned, a rather peculiar box because it allows the mounting of two independent systems within the same chassis. Although perhaps the most surprising thing is that the resulting size of this box is not excessively large. Actually, with external dimensions At 450 (H) x 270 (W) x 460 (D) mm, we could assure you that the box is quite compact in size.

Despite this, the dimensions of the hardware that we can mount inside are quite large, such as up to 425 mm in length available for the graphics card. Or the 275mm length for the power supply. The space available for the installation of the processor heatsink is not that large, since it is reduced to 148 mm in height. This leads us to think that this MetallicGear gaming box is more oriented towards users using liquid refrigeration than other users.

Even so, the cooling capabilities of this model are quite good, since in this MetallicGear Neo Qube you can mount up to 9 fans 120mm or 4 140mm. In the same way, it also supports mounting radiators for liquid cooling on its right side, ceiling and floor of the box.

The motherboard mounting tray is large enough that we can mount models on E-ATX format. At least in the main compartment.

Because on the back of the box, we can only mount a mini ITX motherboard and a low profile expansion card. It is also in this secondary compartment where we will mount the power supply, which must be able to power both equipment. As well as the storage units that we want to install.

As you can see from the images, the MetallicGear box has tempered glass in its left side window and in its front part. The air inlet into the box is through the right side of the box, which has two large openings to the outside: one for a radiator of up to 360 mm, and another to cool the processor of the secondary system that we have mounted.

Price and availability

The MetallicGear Neo Qube box is available at a price of 109.90 euros.