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G-Technology and WD 14TB External Hard Drive 33% Off

With videos and photos in high definition, in addition to the space that programs and games occupy these days, it is quite easy for the internal disks of your computer to fall short and that you have to resort to external storage media. Fortunately, there are many offers that we can find in this regard and that make buying 14 TB disks like the ones we are going to show you today relatively affordable.

WD Elements Desktop Single Disk

One of the good things about the external drives of this Western Digital family is that they behave like a NAS, with its Linux-based operating system and all, although obviously without the ability to connect directly to the network. In this case we are facing a WD Elements Desktop that houses a 3.5-inch 14 TB disk inside and therefore requires additional external power, making it more suitable to be an external disk but fixed rather than one to take from one site to another.

In any case, this unit incorporates USB 3.0 connectivity and offers real speeds of around 155 MB / s read and 150 MB / s write, the usual in 3.5-inch SATA disks and you do not need to use at all your own system if you don’t want to, since you can use it as a conventional external disk plain and simple.

In today’s offer you can save 100 euros, since this 14 TB drive has an interesting 31% discount which makes it even cheaper than the lower 12 TB drive. Of course, we do not have data to know if scalping can be done with this disc (remove the outer casing to use the disc as an internal one).

G-Technology G-DRIVE 14 TB

G-Drive 14 TB disk

G-Technology belongs to WD but it is oriented to the professional segment, and for that reason they specify that inside this external 14 TB disk we will find a high performance unit and 7200 RPM and not the usual 5900 RPM. For this reason, the disk offers better performance although it heats up more, but for this it integrates an external aluminum casing that acts as a passive heatsink.

Like the previous one, we are facing an external disk with 14 TB of capacity that also connects via USB 3.0 and that also requires external power (it is included, obviously) to work. In this case, the performance is much higher and we can expect real rates of about 225 MB / s both for reading and writing, ideal if you intend to use this enormous capacity to move large files.

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