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FPS Boost Mode on Xbox Series X and S offers up to Quadruple FPS

According to Microsoft, these games currently see performance improvements ranging from double to quadruple of FPS with respect to the FPS that they had originally (this is in the consoles Xbox Series X and S); New Super Lucky’s Tale, for example, can now run at up to 120 FPS while its original version barely reached 30 FPS. Other games see a more modest benefit, running at locked 60 FPS instead of the original 30 FPS, either in their original releases or in their Xbox Series X and S compatibility mode.

FPS Boost Mode, only for Xbox Series X and S

This seems like a very interesting solution that Microsoft has taken on their own hands, picking up work that most developers probably wouldn’t have done as they focus on bringing new experiences to new consoles rather than supporting older versions of their games. . Microsoft’s press release specifies that this FPS Boost technology will only work on Xbox Series X and S for backward compatible games of previous generations, which in general what it does is significantly improve its performance to eliminate the limitations that the original versions had .

FPS Boost improves the experience in backward compatible games

Next we are going to show you the press release from Microsoft, originally written by Paul Eng, Senior Program Manager at Xbox, and translated manually by us into Spanish.

“When we were designing Xbox Series X / S, we knew we wanted to continue our commitment to compatibility that we already started in 2015, allowing gamers to play their favorite titles from generations past on new consoles. Almost all titles benefit from next-gen features such as faster load times and fast resume capabilities. Then the team went a step further by adding enhancements to many of our most played games to make them look, feel and play better than ever.

“As we detailed in October, with the improvement of CPU, GPU and memory in the new generation of consoles all existing games look and work better. With certain titles, we can make the experience even better, all with no work required by the developer and no update required by the player. To that end, the Backward Compatibility team has developed FPS Boost for Xbox, which employs a variety of new methods to double (and in some cases quadruple) the original frame rate in select titles. “

“Higher and more consistent frame rates make games visually smoother, resulting in more immersive gameplay. We partner closely with developers to improve the experience while maintaining the original intent of the game, and while it doesn’t apply to all games, these new techniques can drive game engines to render faster for a smoother experience beyond what that the original game could have provided due to the hardware capabilities of the time.

Compatibility Options FPS Boost Xbox

“We are pleased to announce now the first backward compatible titles that support FPS Boost, available today: Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4 and Watch Dogs 2. We chose this initial collection of games not only because they are popular with users, but also to highlight several different ways that FPS Boost can enhance your experience. As we’ve said before, New Super Lucky’s Tale can now run at 120 FPS, or UFC 4 can now run at 60 FPS on Xbox Series S. “

“This is just the beginning, as we will announce more games with FPS Boost soon and will also release new menu icons and system settings in an upcoming update. Starting this spring, you’ll be able to go to the “Manage Game” section for any title, where a new “Compatibility Options” button will appear that will allow you to enable and disable FPS Boost (as well as Auto HDR). There will also be a new indicator that will let you know when an FPS Boost game is running each time you press the Xbox button on the controller. You decide how you want to play ».

Home Xbox

“FPS Boost will not only benefit the players who own these titles; You’ll be happy to hear that many of these upcoming games will be available on Xbox Game Pass. As of this initial release of updates, New Super Lucky’s Tale and Sniper Elite 4 are available with Xbox Game Pass, and we are very excited for fans to experience FPS Boost and will be announcing more and more games that will support this in the coming months. function”.

“At Xbox we believe that your investments in games should pay off, which is why we have presented thousands of games from four different generations to be seen and played better than ever on Xbox Series X and S.”