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features of your mice and headphones

The differentiating element between fans of PC video games is not only having the most powerful GPU, the fastest processor, and so on. Rather, the high competitiveness both professionally and amateurishly force them to opt for peripherals that are not only high-performance, but also high-quality. That is why there is a market for peripherals for them where the Prime of SteelSeries are not far behind.

The SteelSeries prime mouse range is designed to have a long life thanks to its support for 100 million clicks and the high quality of its components. In total, there are three mice and headphones with a microphone that make up this range of SteelSeries peripherals.

SteelSeries Prime

The SteelSeries Prime has been co-designed by both the SteelSeries itself and the most competitive esports players. It is a highly tested mouse in competitive environments that has the advantage of being extremely light weighing only 69 grams, which will allow you to have much longer gaming sessions. In addition, its matte finish makes it not slip in our hands, ideal if you are one of those people who have a lot of sweat on their hands and end up seeing how the mouse slides slightly.

All this accompanied by the SteelSeries sensor TrueMovePro, an optical sensor developed by SteelSeries with which they promise the following specifications: 450 IPS, 50 G and 18000 CPI. This is not the only SteelSeries technology that has been added to this new range of mice, since they also use their Prestige OM switches. Which consists of switches with a larger piece of metal combined with a magnet. This allows you to give the same touch of touch from both the first click to the hundred millionth click.

The recommended retail price of the SteelSeries Prime is € 69.99

SteelSeries Prime +, fully configurable

SteelSeries Prime +

The second mouse in the SteelSeries Prime range is an improved version of the first, weighing slightly more, but just 2 grams more. Its differential element? Apart from including all the specifications of the SteelSeries Prime has been included an LCD screen on the back of the mouse from which you can customize a series of values ​​without having to use external software.

What values ​​can we manipulate from the mouse itself? Well, we can customize the RGB light, the CPI, the polling rate and other values. So you can customize these values ​​on the fly for the different games, which require different parameters to be the best at them and win most of the possible games.

Like the less advanced model it also has the TrueMovePro optical sensor and the Prestige OM switches. Your recommended retail price? € 89.99

Prime Wireless Mouse

SteelSeries Prime Wireless

The third mouse in the SteelSeries Prime series is its wireless model, which again brings the Prestige OM switches, but that differs from the rest of the peripherals in the range as it is completely wireless and therefore works without cables. The sensor used is the TrueMove Air whose specifications are: 400 IPS, 40 G and 18000 CPI. So it offers specifications close to the TrueMove Pro of the other Prime series mice.

But the important thing for a gaming mouse is the input lag, that is why SteelSeries has equipped its Prime Wireless with its Quantum 2.0 technology. It is a communication protocol between the mouse and the wireless sensor on the PC, for this it uses a dual channel system in order to reduce the communication latency between the mouse and the PC. All this in a mouse that weighs only 80 grams and that like the rest of the SteelSeries Prime range is extremely light.

Regarding the duration of each charge, the battery gives us 100 hours of continuous play with a fast charge. This means that we do not have to have the mouse connected to the charging cable for long periods, which goes against the use of a wireless mouse.

The recommended price for the SteelSeries Prime Wireless is € 139.99

Arctic Prime Headphones

SteelSeries Arctic Prime

The next peripheral in the SteelSeries Prime range is not a mouse, but rather a high-quality headphones with mic, since their specifications promise an experience in audio quality above the average to which we are accustomed in this type of peripherals.

The first element that stands out from the Arctic Prime is the frequency range in which it reproduces sounds, while conventional headphones have a frequency that goes from 16 Hz to 24 Hz, in the case of the Arctic Prime, the frequency ranges from 10 Hz to 40 Hz, which makes the sound less compressed and therefore much more crystal clear.

SteelSeries Arctic Prime

Regarding the quality of its construction, the Arctic Prime are made with a combination of lightweight aluminum and steel, so they are not the classic plastic headphones that can break after a short time of use or just having a small drop. Ear muffs on the other hand are designed to isolate noise efficiently

But what would a gamer headset be without a quality microphone? The people of SteelSeries has optimized the microphone for use on Discord, which is widely used not only for voice chat, but also for organizing communities. Which means that by using the Arctic Prime you will be assured the best sound quality on Discord. In addition, like many other gamer headset microphones, you can adjust the volume on the fly and mute the microphone, but this time from the controls on the body of the headset and not on the cable.

If you are interested you can buy them for € 119.99