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Ducky Channel Shine 3 – HardZone

This keyboard has a double-layer PCB that together with a steel plate give it a very high robustness even within the field of mechanical keyboards, and also, to give more quality to its construction, all the keys have been engraved with laser and covered by a UV coating, ensuring high durability. On the other hand, each mechanism has its own individual LED, and you already know that Cherry MX mechanisms have a durability of more than 50 million keystrokes.

As you can see, it is a keyboard that stands out for its construction quality and that has a special emphasis on durability, but that is not all, since its lighting, although it is in a single color (except for the space bar) is highly customizable, with up to 7 effects and different speeds in each of them. Then we see it more in depth.


Taken from the manufacturer’s website.

These specifications are of course generic, since as you can see there it appears that it is available in English and Thai languages ​​and the lighting is blue, and yet the model that we have received is in perfect Spanish (with Ñ and others) and the lighting is orange. Another fact to take into account is that in the specifications it speaks of USB Acceleration and it should not be confused with the polling rate, it is that it incorporates an internal software that allows you to adjust the repetition of the characters when you hold down a key.

It should also be noted that it is a totally plug & play keyboard, that is, we connect it to the computer and it is not necessary to install any software for it to work or to enjoy all its special features.

Finally, the lighting modes, which is what this keyboard really excels at in addition to its build quality. It has 8 in total, with 7 intensity levels (including off) and, in some modes, speed.

  • All LEDs illuminated.
  • Breathing mode.
  • Marquee mode.
  • Snake mode.
  • Reactive (reverse) mode.
  • Wave mode (reactive).
  • Aurora mode.
  • All LEDs off.

It would be a bit cumbersome to explain all these modes now, so we are going to leave it for the testing part where we are going to show you in detail.


The Ducky Channel Shine 3 is packed in a simple black hard cardboard box on the main face of which we only find the logo of the brand and the model in the center.

In the back we do find the technical specifications, as well as some details about the lighting, where the specific lighting of the space bar, the snake mode and the reactive mode stand out.

On one of the sides, the Cherry MX Red mechanisms stand out, as well as the N-Key Rollover ability of the keyboard. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is a complete antighosting, that is, it does not matter how many keys are pressed at the same time, the keyboard will recognize them.

Ducky Channel Shine 3 -006

When opening the box we can already see the keyboard from the first glance, perfectly protected and covered by a transparent plastic. To the left of this we find the accessories, which as usual is the first thing we are going to see.

Ducky Channel Shine 3 -008

Among the accessories we find, in addition to the instruction manual and a small warranty leaflet, a set of caps for the red WASD keys, a space bar with the Ducky logo instead of the standard snake, a tool to remove the caps, and the USB cable which, by the way, is removable.

Ducky Channel Shine 3 -009

Finally, here you can see the Ducky Channel Shine 3. From the moment we take it with our hands we already notice its great weight, and it is not in vain that it weighs 1.4 kg, one of the heaviest that has passed through our hands. You can see that the layout is in Spanish (es-ES) and that, as in laptops, it has a function key (Fn) that activates secondary functions. These functions are activated by a combination of this key and others. For example, with Fn + F10 we will rotate between the different lighting modes, with Fn + the cursors increase or decrease the speed and intensity of the lighting, or in most of the F keys we have direct access to the internet, email, calculator, etc. .

In the next photo you can see the Cherry MX Red mechanism with its individual LED.

Ducky Channel Shine 3 -017

Despite its weight, the keyboard is not too thick.

Ducky Channel Shine 3 -018

In the lower area we find several channels through which to take the cable (center, left and right), in addition to four large rubber feet to keep the keyboard in place, and the typical pair of elevator feet that yes, these do not have rubber anti-slip. Also of course the mini USB connector and the most interesting, a DIP circuit that we now explain in detail.

Here you have in detail the DIP circuit, which as you can see has four switches.

Ducky Channel Shine 3 -020

The function of these switches is as follows:

  1. Swap the position of the Caps Lock and Left CTRL.
  2. Swap the position of the Windows key and the left ALT.
  3. Locks the Windows key (disables it).
  4. DEMO mode. In this mode we can connect the keyboard to any USB power source and it will work automatically showing all the lighting modes. There is no key activation, so if we connect the keyboard to the PC with switch 4 on, the keyboard will do absolutely nothing more than show its illumination. Careful with this.


Once connected to a USB port of the computer, the Ducky Channel Shine 3 automatically lights up in orange and starts working without the need to install drivers or specific software, since as we mentioned before, it does not need it.

Ducky Channel Shine 3 -027

Curiously, the space bar lights up in red and blue, but it can be configured with RGB colors as desired. Personally I prefer it in red. You can also see in the following image the keyboard turned off but with the space bar illuminated in blue.

Ducky Channel Shine 3 -026


As we have mentioned, this is one of the keyboard’s strengths, since it has several curious lighting modes. In the following video you can see it well differentiated.

However, we also wanted to do our own test, and although it looks a bit bad since we do not have a professional video equipment or the best lighting, you will also be able to appreciate the sound and the response of the keys, which is fabulous.


As we always do, we have been testing this keyboard for several days to fully adapt to its use, although to tell the truth as my usual keyboard is also mechanical, the adaptation time was not more than a couple of hours.

In use, this Ducky Channel Shine 3 is very comfortable, although it is true that like all mechanical keyboards, and especially the MX Red, it is quite noisy. They are mechanisms specially designed to play, not to write long texts with them. In any case, the response and feel are fantastic, and you can tell Ducky has used authentic Cherry MX mechanisms and not Chinese knockoffs as seen on some keyboards out there.

We have tested the Shine 3 basically in games and in writing. Both in FPS games (Battlefield 4) and in MOBAS (League of Legends, Smite) it has performed well, demonstrating the effectiveness of its anti-ghosting capacity, as we explained at the beginning of the analysis. At no time has he got stuck, not even in situations where many keys are pressed at the same time (for example, in Battlefield it is common to press W + SHIFT to run forward while jumping (space) and reloading (R) In any case, the Ducky Channel Shine 3 has behaved as expected, executing all the orders we gave it without problem.

A problem that we must highlight is that since the two elevator feet lack rubber feet, the keyboard tends to move a little when we have been using it for a long time, especially if we are a bit “aggressive” when using it with games.


To test our writing speed we have used the same tool as always: 10 Fast fingers. It is not that I am an expert in typing and I have never taken a course for this purpose, but I consider that I type quite fast on any type of keyboard (years of practice), so what we are going to do is compare a test done with the keyboard to the that we are used to (Logitech G710 +, with Cherry MX Brown mechanisms).

10FF Ducky

And this is the result with the Logitech keyboard (Cherry MX Brown).

10FF Logitech K710

As you can see, I write faster and with fewer errors with the keyboard of the Charry MX Brown mechanisms, although it is true that I am more used to this than to the Ducky Channel, and that as I said before the MX Reds are mechanisms designed to play, not for writing (the MX Brown are a combination of both).


I have no doubt that this Ducky Channel Shine 3 is one of the highest build quality keyboards that have ever passed my hands. In addition, it has a large number of options and features inherent to the keyboard itself and that work without the need for software, which for me is a great advantage. In addition, as you may have already seen in the videos, it has a good amount of filigree that can be done with lighting, which although personally I do not think they have a utility, without a doubt they are an innovation to take into account in this type of keyboards, and there will be those who like it.


  • Highest quality Cherry MX Red mechanisms.
  • Great build quality, it is very robust.
  • Individual lighting on each key.
  • Many modes, speeds and lighting levels.
  • Multimedia keys and many other settings with the Fn key.
  • You do not need drivers or your own software.
  • Anti ghosting Full N-KRO.


Therefore, we believe that this Ducky Channel Shine 3 is worthy of our Gold award and our recommendation for its excellent performance.

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