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Discounts on USB hard drives and SSDs from Samsung, WD, SanDisk and SP

The needs of storage of users have changed over time, and today we already work with quantities of several Terabytes of information that, on many occasions, we need to be able to carry from one place to another or we simply need to have an extra additional external storage. To do this, in this article we have compiled the best offers on external hard drives and SSDs with USB connection from manufacturers such as WD, Seagate, Samsung or Silicon Power with discounts reaching 41%.

It is worth mentioning that this time we have compiled offers on hard drives and SSDs that only need a USB connection to work, that is, it is not necessary to have a power outlet to use them and simply by plugging in your USB connection we can use them. , giving us greater comfort, versatility and above all portability to be able to carry the data from one place to another.

WD Elements 2 TB, the best quality / price

This is probably one of the best-selling USB-connected external hard drives, due to its reliability, speed and especially the price (more now that it is 22% off the 2TB drive). It offers USB 3.0 connection capable of offering about 125 MB / s of read speed and 115 MB / s of write speed, more than enough to be able to take your data wherever you want and make it available at the moment.

WD My Passport 5 TB, ideal for consoles

WD My Passport

In this case we are facing a 5 TB capacity unit that has a 26% discount, and given its 2.5-inch format it is the maximum capacity that you will find in a conventional USB external hard drive. It has a USB 3.2 Gen.1 interface that offers transfer speeds of up to 150 MB / s, and we are facing a new version with renewed aesthetics and that includes password protection software and automatic backup, so it is ideal for both make backups on PC as, thanks to its capacity and speed, as expanded storage in consoles.

Silicon Power Armor A60 2 TB, with rugged case

Silicon Power Armor A60

If you are one of those who need to constantly carry your external storage from one place to another, this USB disk drive may be ideal for you, since it has a shock-resistant IPX4 certified protective case. The unit that is on sale is the 2 TB capacity, with USB 3.0 interface that offers up to 120 MB / s of transfer speed.

Seagate Portable 5 TB, speed, reliability and capacity

Seagate Portable

If you need a large capacity, this 5 TB unit is also on sale with a 34% discount compared to its usual price. It has a USB 3.0 interface and offers transfer speeds of up to 120 MB / s, compatible with consoles, PC, Mac and in general any device that supports external USB storage.

Samsung Portable SSD T5 1 TB, with USB-C full speed

Samsung T5

We turn to external SSDs with USB connection, and the Samsung T5 that we find so many times on sale cannot be missing; In this case, it is the 1 TB capacity unit that has a 41% discount, and with its USB 3.0 interface offers speeds of up to 540 MB / s both for reading and writing in a light and small device, ideal to take it from one place to another.

SanDisk Extreme 1TB, Heavy Duty, Reliable USB SSD

Sandisk extreme

Finally, another that cannot be missed since it is almost always on sale is the 1 TB SanDisk Extreme SSD, which is 41% off at the moment. This drive features a USB 3.1 Type-C interface (with conventional Type-A adapter) and offers speeds of up to 550MB / s read and 500MB / s write, all housed in a rugged IP55-certified housing ideal for on-the-go from one side to the other without fear that it can be damaged.

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