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Corsair, NZXT and SeaSonic power supply on sale

The four power supply models (two from Corsair, one from NZXT and one from SeaSonic) that we show you below are not high-end models, and yet they are from manufacturers that guarantee minimum standards of quality and reliability. as well as a guarantee that covers our backs. They are not wonderful, but they will fulfill their function perfectly and with all the guarantees and without spending the money that the high range costs.

Corsair CV450

We are facing a Corsair power supply with 450 watts of power, so obviously it is not designed to serve a next-generation gaming PC but it will be enough for any mid-range equipment or even a not too modern gaming PC or demanding. It has an 80 Plus Bronze efficiency certification that offers up to 88% efficiency, and in this case its wiring is not modular.

This source offers Corsair quality at a very competitive price (even more so with this offer), it has a three-year warranty and enough connectors for almost any PC (it has 6 SATA, 2 MOLEX, two 6 + 2-pin PCIe, ATX and EPS).

Corsair CV550

Corsair CV550 power supply

This Corsair PSU is obviously the superior model of the previous one, which will give you 100 more watts of maximum power for just 5 euros more thanks to these offers. It also has an 80 Plus Bronze efficiency certificate, is not modular, has a 3-year warranty and has practically the same connectors as the previous model, including two 6 + 2-pin PCIe capable of delivering up to 44A of current intensity, so even next-gen GPUs will run smoothly.



This PSU does have enough power for the latest generation high-end graphics; We are facing a 650 watt model with 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification and 100% modular wiring that, although it would not be the most recommended for an RTX 3090, it can with an RTX 3080 and lower without any problems.

It offers a quiet fan, high efficiency, 10-year warranty, and all the desirable protections in one source for a high-end PC. It includes two 6 + 2-pin PCIe connectors, by the way.

SeaSonic Core GC 500

SeaSonic Core GC 500

SeaSonic, one of the most famous brands in the power supply industry, also has this model on offer that, although it is part of its basic range, has 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification and 500 watts of power. Of course, it is not a modular source and it only has two 6 + 2-pin PCIe connectors, but with its power and its price it is a source that gives us all the guarantees to last many years without problems.

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