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Cheap graphics card, how to choose the right model?

Follow our advice below when buying a cheap graphics card, how cheap you have to understand the one that costs less than € 100 and therefore is below even the low-end graphics cards for gaming, but that can save you life in certain specific moments.

Why do you need a cheap graphics card?

With your Radeon or your latest GeForce model, you will surely tell yourself that having a graphics card is a bad idea, but if your processor does not have an integrated graphics, you will not be happy to lose the output peripheral par excellence. That is why it is always advisable to have a cheap graphics card to get out of a specific trouble.

Another reason is that you have been locked up to work at home, you need to build a cheap, low-cost PC with which to start working or your graphics card has simply broken and cannot be repaired, so you will need to buy one very low cost.

The only case that you may not need one is if your CPU has an integrated graphic inside, if that is the case and the GPU integrated in the processor does not work, then you have a serious problem, since in that case it is the SoC that integrates CPU and GPU the one that has complete problems.

Don’t expect to have a cheap graphics card for gaming

PC Gaming

One point to keep in mind is that if you expect to have a cheap graphics card to play the latest hit on PC, then forget about it. The main reason for having a cheap graphics card is not to play games and although it can run games from the time they were released, we cannot forget what the objective is to acquire a graphics at a very low price.

Another different thing is that you are building a Retro PC and by this we are not referring to a PC to run games from old consoles, but due to the changes produced in the latest graphic APIs, updates to operating systems and the disappearance of certain technologies. causes a number of games to be no longer compatible on the latest PCs.

In that case, a solution is to build a PC that meets the specifications of that game, including the choice of the graphics card, which you can find at a very low price. Of course, in this case you will have more opportunities to find it second hand.

Take a good look at the specifications before buying

Graphic card store shelf

Due to the fact that the stock of multiple generations accumulates over time in many stores. Especially online distribution platforms that keep a large amount of stock and with it several graphics cards in each price range of various generations of graphics cards.

That is why it is important to look at the technical specifications of each of the cheap graphics cards, due to the fact that there can be a huge disparity in the specifications between two models of graphics card. Not only at the same price, but you can find models with better specifications for a lower price.

On the other hand it is also recommended, if you live in an area with several physical stores, make a quick visit to these and compare the different models they offer. These stores do not usually have a space to accumulate components and they usually give out old components at a very good price. Among them graphics cards, so it will be a good opportunity to get a cheap graphics card, but with good performance.