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cheap compact gaming cases with RGB and transparent side

The maker of Sharkoon computer cases, has presented its new models of gaming boxes, the Sharkoon VG6-W. These new boxes from the manufacturer are among the few on the market that recover the 5.25-inch bay for its front. In turn, it is equipped, ex factory, with three fans inside, which have LED lighting. And one side window with which you can see the inside of the box without obstacles.

Not all users can spend the small fortune that some of the manufacturers of computer cases ask for their models. So the arrival of the new boxes Sharkoon VG6-WAt the price they do, they will allow gamers with more limited resources to build a team that has all the elements that the game needs. gamer aesthetic.

Especially when it comes to LED lighting. Because of the Sharkoon model they will reach the market two different models: one in which fans they will have a fixed color (red, green or blue). Or another model that will have programmable RGB lighting for these same three fans. This, together with the angular design of the box, which reinforces the aggressive appearance that every gaming box that boasts of being it should have.

The new Sharkoon gaming boxes will be very spacious inside

The external dimensions of this new Sharkoon VG6-W gaming case are 430 mm (H) x 200 mm (W) x 461 mm (D). In other words, the Sharkoon model has dimensions that are quite contained externally. However the internal space of these new gaming cases is quite wide, allowing the installation of heatsinks up to 165 mm in height, graphics cards up to 370 mm and power supplies up to 265 mm inside. The left side of the box is dominated by a large window made of transparent plastic.

He too I / O section of the box has received a lot of attention from the manufacturer, since on its front we can have two USB 3.0 ports, another two USB 2.0 ports, along with two 3.5 mm mini jack sockets to connect headphones and a microphone.

As for the space for storage units, these new gaming boxes Sharkoon will feature three 3.5-inch bays, plus another 4 2.5-inch drive bays. Curiously, given that very few manufacturers already include it in their computer cases, and less in gaming cases, Sharkoon has decided that its VG6-W model does incorporate it on its front.

Regarding the price and availability of the new Sharkoon VG6-W, this will be 44.90 euros for the model that only has LED lighting. While the model with programmable RGB lighting will be priced at 54.90 euros. And they should already be available for purchase