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Buying an SSD, why is it the time before they go up in price?

It is clear that the launch of new video game consoles has brought the advantages of SSDs to the mass market, at the moment in a very limited way, but soon in increasingly sophisticated ways.

That is why it is a good time to buy an SSD disk before its price increase.

Demand for SSDs will increase this year

We are in the midst of a transition from conventional hard drives to SSDs, with the gaming market being the main driver for such mass adoption. The reason? Games designed for the new generation of consoles will take advantage of the SSD drive, which is available on both PS5 and Xbox Series.

At the moment video game consoles are in the introduction phase within the life cycle of a product, but as soon as they enter the growth phase the demand for the NVMe chips that are used to build the SSD units will increase. If we add to this that the PC conversions of those same games are going to have this demand in the requirements increasingly, then the enormous increase in demand is clear.

This causes a situation in which NVMe chip manufacturers have to supply a huge demand, which has not caught them by surprise, but their decisions will have consequences regarding the price at which SSD disks will be able to be bought during this period. year 2021.

Capacity versus quantity, the NVMe manufacturers’ dilemma

NVMe memory

NVMe chips, like RAM and processors, are semiconductors with all that that implies. But, they are especially memories and therefore the density they have as such will depend on the number of transistors, which also affects the size of each chip and thus the number of chips that come out per wafer.

At the same time, major manufacturers such as Micron and Samsung have launched new manufacturing nodes and forms of 3D NAND, which should help them to manufacture chips with greater storage capacity. What was the decision? As long as the demand for NVMe chips does not exceed the supply, the decision is that in the medium or short term it has been decided to maintain the capacity of the NVMe memory, instead of increasing it.

Which means that we are not going to see SSDs with higher storage capacity, at least during this 2021, since for memory manufacturers it is extremely important to be able to meet the increase in demand.

Why is it advisable to buy an SSD now and not wait?

Buy SSD price

With this we get to the heart of the matter: how is everything we have said above going to affect the price of SSD disks? Logic can lead to the erroneous belief that an increase in supply can turn into price competition between manufacturers.

Reality? Manufacturers have been negotiating prices for a long time and when the demand for these storage units rises, especially from the gaming market, then you will see how the price of SSDs will increase. In other words, that NVMe SSD with a PCI Express interface is going to start flying out of the stores as fast as it is known that they not only increase performance, but are a minimum requirement.

WoW Shadowlands

Not surprisingly, there are already games like the latest expansion of the popular MMO World of Warcraft and Cyberpunk 2077 that are optimized for this type of disc and they will not be the first, the trend will increase more and more. In addition, as we have already mentioned before, this is that the two models of the Xbox Series as well as PS5 are going to take a good part of the production.

So if your intention is to buy an SSD then our recommendation is that you do it before it ends up creating a price bubble due to the increase in demand for these devices.