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Buy DDR4 RAM or wait for DDR5 for PC in 2021

The DDR5 will appear at the end of this 2021, together with the future Intel Alder Lake and it is rumored that it also together with the Zen 3+. But is it worth betting on DDR5 in the future instead of DDR4 in the present time?

DDR4 is not DDR5

As they say, new memory, new interfaces. Each new generation of memory is a radical change in the interface of this, not only electrically, but also in the way the processor communicates with RAM. Which leads to changes not only in the clock speed, but also in the way of communicating, for example with DDR5 we are going to see an increase in memory channels per DIMM from a single channel to two channels.

The changes imply changes in the memory interface of the processors, which means that any memory change implies the design of a new CPU, since we are not only changing the external interface but also the way in which the Northbridge and the CPU caches access RAM. This means that a simple change in the type of memory brings in most cases a change also in the socket and with it also in the motherboard.

That is why although DDR5 memory can already be mass-manufactured, in reality neither Rocket Lake-S nor the Ryzen 5000 make use of it, since it is necessary for its adoption to change the platform completely. We have the proof that both Alder Lake and the next generation AMD Zen are going to change the socket and with it the motherboard.

Is DDR5 worth the wait?

Variable Speed ​​RAM

If what you need is more RAM in your PC, why have you observed that it falls short and the lack of capacity affects its performance, then an expansion of its capacity is more than recommended. It is totally true that we are in a period of lack of stock and the price of DRAM memory has risen, but the fact of being an early adopter of a new technology such as DDR5 does not ensure that the cost of expanding the RAM will be lower. , but on the contraty.

As we have said in the previous section, DDR5 will bring with it the need to buy a new CPU, a new motherboard and in general a new PC that will not be cheap precisely, since the performance of the new processors together with the new RAM translate to a value that means a much higher starting price.

So if your PC requests an increase in performance through an expansion of its DDR4 memory and you know that this will benefit you both when playing games and using applications, then there is no doubt that an expansion of your RAM PC is something with urgency, especially if you are productivity in it.