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Breaking NVIDIA’s Crypto Mining Limitations

It is bad to promise what you cannot fulfill, and especially any measure created at the last minute on hardware that does not depend on the same hardware but on the software included in it is bad. Either through the controller or its firmware, since sooner or later you can end up destroying that measure with a little skill and knowledge.

Now you can mine without restrictions with the RTX 3060

We have been able to find out the information through PC Watch, a prestigious Japanese media about hardware, reports that the protection measures that NVIDIA placed in its GeForce RTX 3060 that cut the performance when mining its NVIDIA RTX 3060 in half they no longer exist, as they have been completely destroyed. The proof of it? Well, a screenshot, which you can see above these lines, where you can see how the RTX 3060 mining Ethereum reaches the figures that it should reach if the limitation supposedly imposed by NVIDIA.

Are deep changes in hardware required? Well no, not really, in the words of PC Watch.

The editorial department has been able to confirm the fact that restrictions can be avoided by interacting with related parties. The specific method is not introduced here, but it does not require modification of the graphics driver and even the BIOS. Anyone can do it with little effort.

One of the related parties is obviously NVIDIA, who actively and passively deny that they are having mining farms as the preferred customers when it comes to selling their RTX 3000 generation graphics cards. Which is one of the controversies that there have been in recent months in the hardware market.

Has NVIDIA lifted its own mining restrictions?

Through the twitter of Kristy-Leigh Minehan, who is an authority within the world of cryptocurrency mining, we have learned that a future NVIDIA driver, specifically the 370.75 that is currently in BETA, could lift the restrictions when it comes to mining the RTX 3060. So we are facing NVIDIA backing down its anti-mining measures that they were giving so much hype recently.

This is a huge problem for those looking for an RTX 3060 for gaming, as such a graphics card will suddenly become interesting for mining. We do not know what are the events that may have led NVIDIA to lift this limitation with the RTX 3060. We can speculate about them, but we do not know them, in any case the news is that the stock of the RTX 3060 will be compromised now that it may be objective of the miners.

It is clear that for all those who do not want a graphics card to mine we have it very crude in 2021, at least while the mining bubble in which we are currently lasts.