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B1000, a console-shaped mini PC with AMD A9-9820 CPU

If we are to define this “gadget” called B1000, we would have to say that it’s a barebone Since the factory comes without a storage device or RAM, but in reality not even they know what it is because in the same presentation we find their name crossed out, and written “Game Box” (game box) with marker .

It is equipped with an AMD A9-9820 processor

The most interesting thing about this device is undoubtedly its processor, a AMD A9-9820 featuring 8 cores (without SMT) running at 2,395 MHz in Turbo mode, in combination with an iGPU AMD Radeon RX 350 Series Which we don’t know much about, except that it undoubtedly aims to be one of the entry-level solutions of AMD’s Ryzen family.

This machine has two sockets for DDR4 RAM, supporting up to 16 GB of memory. It also supports the installation of an SSD in M.2 format but they do not say if SATA or PCIe, so they leave us with doubts regarding storage. In the back it has the usual audio minijacks, an RJ-45 Gigabit port and six USB ports (two of them 3.0 and the rest 2.0) in addition to two PS / 2 for mouse and keyboard, but more surprising is to see that the output of video is DVI-DL only, does not have HDMI.


B1000, a barebone that is postulated as a cheap Steam Machine

It is also indicated that this South Holdings B1000 console / mini PC / barebone works with Windows 10, which means that we can perfectly use it as a Steam Machine and, in fact, being a “Game Box” we cannot think of anything else (well, ok, it can also just be a mini PC in the shape of a console that would look great on any desk or even in the living room).


Obviously this barebone has cheap hardware and really only stands out for its design and equip a processor not seen so far. Its starting price is $ 299 according to the manufacturer, but remember that it has neither RAM nor storage, so they would have to be installed separately. In any case, and although the manufacturer says that it works with Windows 10, since it does not have storage, it would also have to be installed, which means that we can install Linux, SteamOS or whatever we want.