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AVerMedia EzRecorder 330: Features and Technical Specifications

One of the most important elements for the gamer who likes to broadcast their games over the internet is obviously a good video capture device that allows them to record their games and broadcast them.

It is true that there are units within GPUs such as hardware video CODECS. Which are responsible for recording and capturing the content, but do not reach the efficiency of a capturer, as is the case with AVerMedia’s EzRecorder 330, which is prepared for the new generation of consoles.

Play in 4K, but stream in Full HD With the AVerMedia EZ 330

One of the problems of many capturers is the fact that they capture at the resolution we play on the console or on the PC. AVerMedia’s ExRecorder 330 has the 4K Passthrought function that allows us to play at 4K resolution but at the same time broadcasts in Full HD.

This is important due to the fact that the important thing for streaming is to achieve a good balance between image quality and transfer speed. But especially it allows us to play and broadcast with video game systems that can reproduce at 4K without having to record at that resolution.

Resolution Comparison

Let’s not forget that 4K is a resolution with four times the number of pixels than Full HD or 1080p, so you end up needing four times the bandwidth for the transfer. Hence the importance of being able to broadcast at resolutions lower than 4K right now. So if you play on consoles like an Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro or PS5 where most of their games are in 4K, you can play and broadcast at the same time.

Regarding the supported video formats, the capturer can broadcast in H.265 format, which gives the same image quality as H.264, but making use of the bandwidth. This is ideal for consoles that do not support this format, as it improves streaming quality and speed.

You don’t need a PC to broadcast from a console

AverMedia EZRecorder 330 no PC

One of the problems facing streaming on various internet platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and even Facebook Gaming is that most of the time we need a computer for certain functions. AVerMedia’s EzRecorder 330 grabber allows broadcasting to these platforms with a single button press on the remote control.

This not only makes it ideal for streaming games, but also for other types of content for content platforms based on videos uploaded by the users themselves. Which facilitates the use of these platforms by users. But it is especially ideal for console users who are not users of a gaming PC and therefore have a computer of modest specifications.

Support for all storage on the EzRecorder 330

AVerMedia EzRecorder 330

AVerMedia’s EzRecorder 330 doesn’t just allow us to stream real-time to the most popular user-generated content streaming platforms. It also allows us to record these videos in a storage system and for this we have several options thanks to the inclusion of its USB input ports and the MicroSD card reader that is included.

We can connect an external disk to the EzRecorder 330, either SSD or HDD of up to 4 TB in size, use microSD cards with up to 512 GB of storage or even connect a Network Attached Storage (NAS). All this to be able to have our videos safely, in case, through no fault of our own, they end up being lost.

The only type of storage that is not supported by the EzRecorder 330 are USB storage keys.

The EZRecorder 330 also streams content from Retro Consoles

AVerMedia EzRecorder 330

Broadcasting games through classic consoles or also called Retro consoles is something that is very fashionable lately, that is why the AVerMedia EzRecorder 330 not only has HDMI video inputs with which contemporary consoles are compatible.

That is why AVerMedia has included a composite video input, so if you have a console from the era in which cathode ray tube televisions were used, you can use it, since it can also capture at 480 resolution in interlaced, the one used by these video game consoles.

In addition, if you have tapes in VHS format, you can take advantage of it to digitize them and have a backup copy of them.

Record your favorite TV show

Avermedia TV Schedule

Streaming platforms give us a lot of content on demand, but many times there is content that disappears from the platforms. The AVerMedia EzRecorder 330 not only has real-time video streaming functions, but we can use it to record our favorite TV shows.

Even when we are not at home, since we can schedule the recording time, so if you want to have copies of your favorite series you can have them thanks to this function.