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ARM Neoverse V1 and N2, specifications and features of these CPUs

We tend to identify ARM with very low-power CPUs and therefore for PostPC devices, but ARM is just an ISA that can be used for processors of all kinds, including server ones. Being the Neoverse range its processors for said market in which they compete against the Intel Xeon and the AMD EPYC for being in the most powerful supercomputers, servers and data centers that use this type of processors.

ARM Neoverse N2 and V1 Server CPUs

ARM’s Neoverse cores are optimized for use in servers, with the Neoverse N1 being a processor that was launched for that market, where the cores were intercommunicated through the Northbridge or interconnection between CNM-600 cores. A design not optimized for smartphones but for high-performance computing and therefore for servers.

Neoverse V1

ARM has just presented new cores for its Neoverse family, the first of which is V1, a new processor that surprises from the outset due to its memory support HBM3 and DDR5 thanks to the use of the Northbridge or interconnection between cores, accelerators and memory CNM-700. Which would indicate that this memory standard would be closer to what we expect.

At the core level, the Neoverse V1 gives you additional power x1.8 for vector instructions and x4 for machine learning algorithms. All thanks to the adoption of SVE units, adopted from the Fujistu A64X processor, another processor for servers also based on the ISA ARM. The EVS units they are 512 bit SIMD units like the Intel AVX-512.

The second processor that they have presented is the Neoverse N2, which will be the first processor that will make use of the version 9 of the ISA that the ARM itself presented a few weeks ago. Being therefore the first ARM core with SVE2 units inside. As for the rest of the details, the processor for the moment by ARM are much more vague. Which would indicate a later release than V1.

It would be the precursors of the NVIDIA Grace

NVIDIA Grace Roadmap

NVIDIA presented a few days ago the development of a CPU based on ARM and designed for servers under the code name Grace. At the moment we do not know anything about this processor except that NVIDIA is developing it and that if the purchase of ARM is completed then Grace would become the direct successor of Neoverse V1 and / or N2.

The main motivation for the purchase of ARM by NVIDIA can be found in particular by the existence of the ARM Neoverse cores, which will allow them to build complete systems from the technology developed internally by NVIDIA, the one achieved after the purchase of Mellanox and the one they intend to adopt with the purchase of ARM.

It must be remembered that the server market is not based on a single ISA domain as is the case in the PC market and PostPC devices such as smartphones and tables. Being a classic battlefield between them already classic.