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Any computer needs a VPN that is secure

Most users use Windows as the operating system on their PC, and what a VPN will do is protect them against any type of threat related to anonymity that should prevail on the network, which is not always fulfilled.

What is a VPN and what is it for?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (Virtual private network). Once we have translated it, we better locate the name and see a little clearer where the shots are going.

When we connect to the Internet, it is normal to do it with a router that a provider has installed in our house. Well, what this router or modem does is assign an IP address to each device that connects to it, for example, a computer, which means that such address unequivocally identifies that device and does not put any type of limit or filter, so it might be visible to others.

If we connect one VPN for Windows that computer becomes part of an encrypted tunnel in which the data is hidden and anyone who wants to access it will find a wall.

Therefore, when we want to remain anonymous and not be vulnerable and visible to others, it is best to have a secure VPN at hand. We are clear that one of the best possibilities we have today is Surfshark.

Surfshark VPN: many advantages

Surfshark is a VPN that offers us privacy, security, speed and reliability for all those times when we want to use this system on any device, but with special relevance for our Windows PC, since it is what we use the most when we want to surf the net.

This VPN offers us more than 800 servers from 50 different countries, in addition to a few other advantages.

  • The safety It is one of its main assets, since it is a VPN where they take care of this very important part of any type of network that we access in detail.
  • The velocity This is another reason why we have chosen Surfshark as an excellent option to be our VPN, since we will not notice a great difference in speed compared to browsing without the VPN.
  • Surfshark VPN currently has two of the main tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2. But it also has Transpor Layer Security, SSH or Wireguard among others.
  • It is an ideal VPN to watch services like Netflix or to use with torrent programs, since we can get a lot out of both things.
  • It will also help us to enter web pages that are suspended in our country for one reason or another.

It’s very easy to use Surfshark on Windows


The ease with which we are going to be able to use Surfshark VPN on our Windows computer will surprise more than one, since we will only have to do the following:

  • Create an account of Surfshark to connect our Windows computer or all the devices that we want, since it is compatible with the main systems that are currently used.
  • Once we are connected, we download the Surfshark program for Windows and we install.
  • Now we run such software and we only have to select the Optimal location or choose a country server that we want.

At that moment everything will start up and we will not have to do anything else, just enjoy our Surfshark VPN with the total conviction that we will be protected and that we will have all the speed we need.

Surfshark: Prices

Surfshark offers us the possibility of contracting its VPN service under three different types of modalities.

  • Monthly: in which we will have to pay 10.99 euros for each month, yes, if we do not want to continue with the service from one month to another, we can unsubscribe without problems.
  • 6 months: We can buy a subscription for 6 months, which will mean that it will cost 5.51 euros per month.
  • 24 months: The best option is to pay 24 months, since it is at a really low and economical price of 2.11 euros per month. In addition, this plan is fully refundable during the first 30 days of use.

Surfshark prices