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analysis of the mechanical mini-keyboard with Bluetooth


Characteristics and technical specifications of the KROM Kluster

The Krom Kluster keyboard stands out mainly for one feature: its size. We are facing a keyboard that has a 60% design. This means that it is 40% smaller than a normal keyboard, even more than the TKL that we know for not having a numeric keypad on the right. Thanks to this size we will always be able to carry the keyboard with us wherever we go and use it without any kind of space problem.

The keyboard has Outemu Red mechanical switches high quality. These buttons have a height of 4 mm and a pulsation force of 50 grams. In total, the keyboard has 62 keys. And all the functions are mapped, in one way or another, into them.

The connection of this keyboard to the computer can be done both by cable (it includes a 1.5-meter braided USB-C cable that also serves to charge it) and by Bluetooth (for which includes a Bluetooth 5.0 Dongle). Thanks to this connectivity, it is compatible with all operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux), and with mobile devices. We can pair it with up to 5 different devices, linked to the QWERT keys.

Other important features of this keyboard are its complete anti-ghosting system and the game mode thanks to which we will be able to deactivate the Windows key to avoid interruptions in our games. The keys are RGB backlit, and everything can be configured without the need for software, all using simple keyboard shortcuts.

The size of this keyboard is 290mm long, 39mm high and 100mm wide. And its weight is 420 grams, approximately.

Krom Kluster
Kind Mechanical, 60%
illumination RGB backlighting
Connection type Bluetooth 5.0, USB
Anti-ghosting Full
N-Key Rollover Full
Multimedia control Not
Compatible OS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and IOS
Switch Outemu Red
Operational style
Operational force 50 g
Actuation point
Total distance 4 mm
Time of life
Type of cable Braided cable
Cable length 1.5 m
Width 290 mm
High 39 mm
Long 100 mm
Weight 420 + 20g

Krom has not specified the capacity of the included battery, as well as its durability.

External analysis

The KROM Kluster keyboard comes in a cardboard box dominated by black and orange. On the front of the box we can find a photo of the keyboard in question with the lighting on, while on the back we will find some of the details of the keyboard.

As soon as we open the keyboard box we will find its manual. The manual is very simple, but since we are not going to have a configuration software it is important to know it, since thanks to it we will know how to use and how to configure the keyboard functions.

The keyboard cable is 1.5 meters long and has a braided finish, giving it extra durability. At one end we have a normal USB port, which will be the one that connects to the PC or charger, and at the other a USB type C port to connect to the keyboard.

KROM Kluster - 5

We will also find, inside a plastic case, a Bluetooth 5.0 adapter with which we can connect this keyboard or any other device (such as the new Xbox controller) to the PC. The brand of the adapter is not very clear, but it works without problems and meets the requirements of the standard.

KROM Kluster - 6

As we can see, the keyboard has a very compact size, with hardly any unused spaces. Despite having a 60% layout, we can find the Ñ key in it, as well as a large Intro as dictated by the ISO distribution.

KROM Kluster - 7

We can find keys with several functions at the same time. For example, the numbers act as function keys, and in the right half of the keyboard we will find all kinds of remapped keys and the functions to configure the lighting and the operation of the keyboard.

The keyboard has a height within what can be expected in a mechanical keyboard, and at the top we will find the USB-C port to connect it by cable or charge it.

Finally, at the bottom of it we will find the keyboard on / off button and the 4 rubber feet that will help us prevent it from moving while we write with it.

KROM Kluster - 10

Testing and performance

Connecting the device to the computer, or to any other device, is very simple. The first thing we have to do is press the FN key, followed by one of the profile keys (QWERT) for 3 seconds to choose the profile where we are going to link the device. Once done, we will see how the letter blinks, and then we can link the keyboard from the operating system. If we change equipment, just press the previous keyboard shortcut for 1 second to change the profile.

This keyboard does not have configuration software, but we must configure it ourselves using the keyboard shortcuts themselves. All of these are done by pressing the FN key, followed by one of the following keys:

  • ç – Change the lighting effect (there are 17 different effects).
  • ^ o * – Change the intensity of the illumination.
  • Ñ ​​or ¨ – Change the speed of lighting effects.
  • Windows – Enable or disable game mode.
  • Control – Toggles the Esc key and the remapped letters to your special commands.
  • Enter – Changes the function of the arrows-
  • A or S – Windows mode or macOS mode.
  • Space – Press 3 seconds to return to factory settings.

KROM Kluster - 12

Being a Bluetooth peripheral, it does not need any driver or any special configuration in our operating system. Also, we can use it with any USB dongle. Therefore, we do not have to use the spike that is included if our PC already has bluetooth in the chipset itself (something common in laptops) or if we have a higher category Bluetooth USB. Of course, to avoid problems we recommend use it in BT 5.0 or higher, since they are version 4 we may have latency problems, and with the previous ones it will surely not even work.

During our tests the connection has remained stable at a distance of about two meters. According to the Bluetooth specifications, we should be able to be connected up to 10 meters away, although it is true that as the distance increases, the latency increases and the probability of having connection problems increases.

It is also important to note that being wireless, the battery has its limitations. And, although the duration is more than acceptable with the lighting off, if we turn it on, the battery life decreases sharply.

Conclusion and opinion of the KROM KLUSTER

Without a doubt, this is one of the KROM keyboards that breaks the standard the most. The company has decided to bet with a model almost half the size of other keyboards, yes, without eliminating any keystrokes. We are facing a very small keyboard that we can always carry with us. Its connection is via Bluetooth, so we can connect it to any computer (or device, such as a tablet) without problems. That we do not have Bluetooth at hand? Then we can also connect it by cable, without problem. In addition, thanks to it we can forget about batteries, since it includes a rechargeable battery through its USB-C port.

The pulsations are very similar to a Cherry RED keyboard, despite using its own buttons. Its mechanical keys serve us perfectly for all kinds of games, getting fast and precise keystrokes, as in any other keyboard. It is a perfect keyboard for those who usually travel a lot or who have little space to play. It’s also a great option for those who have, for example, a Steam Link or similar remote gaming device.

However, the truth is that the KROM Kluster is not a keyboard for everyone. The first thing we will notice strange is its size. Its 60% layout means that many keys are mapped within other keys. The arrows, or the function keys, for example, can be somewhat difficult to press. From our point of view it is not a keyboard to work with, since its virtues place it especially in other areas. In addition, if we have very large fingers, or we are not precisely precise when pressing the keys, it may be that being so close together we get confused in more than one keystroke.

KROM Kluster - 13

Despite everything, we found it a great gaming keyboard. If we are looking for something small, wireless (with very low latency thanks to the Bluetooth connection, all is said) and mechanical, without a doubt this Krom Kluster will surprise you. And if you do to him, you will have a great gaming ally.

For all this, we have decided to give the Krom Kluster our award of gold, highlighting, especially, its design.