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AMD Zen 4, size and dimensions of the socket AM5 for desktop

The processor socket is the interface that communicates it with the rest of the elements of the motherboard, and the arrival of new technologies always implies the need for a totally new socket and with it a redesign of the socket itself in which the processor will be mounted. .

We know that AMD will support DDR5 memory from the AMD Rembrandt SoC, but also in the case of Raphael, being this the codename of the successor to the Ryzen 3000 and 5000 desktop and therefore another chiplet-based processor. However, it comes with a totally new socket and therefore with a new design.

Dimensions of AMD CPUs under socket AM5

In the last hours a render has appeared of what the complete packaging of the AMD CPUs based on the AM5 socket will be like. Which we know will be used on the CPU with the codename Raphael and possibly for Rembrandt’s desktop version.

What novelties will the new packaging bring? From the leak of a few days ago we know that unlike in Intel Alder Lake, the interposer on which the different chiplets will be mounted will be totally square, but we had only seen the part of the pins. Now we can finally see the front of the packaging, as well as the dimensions of the AM5 socket.

New packaging measures 45 x 45mm, but it has the peculiarity that heat diffuser that is mounted on top of the chips or chiplets that make up the processor is higher and is reminiscent of some Intel HEDT CPUs. So AMD had decided to adopt such a design to increase the flow of air entering the processors. This new design also implies changes in the distribution of the different components of the motherboard in order to have a better air flow for greater cooling.

There are still things to reveal about the AMD Zen 4 CPUs

AMD Ryzen Motherboard

Obviously, what is under the chassis has not been revealed, as the chiplet layout is going to be different than on the AMD Ryzen 3000 and AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs, especially due to the use of a new central IO Die. Which is necessary for the support for DDR5 RAM, but at the moment we know that AMD will not support PCI Express 5.0 in the AMD Ryzen, but in the next AMD EPYC.

The latest rumors claim that the new IO Die will be manufactured under the 6nm node and would be the same core part as Rembrandt, but with a separate chip. But we cannot forget that AMD recently renewed its agreement with GLOBALFOUNDRIES. In any case the IO Die will be manufactured using a less advanced manufacturing node than the 5 nm CCD Chiplets based on Zen 4.