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AMD X570S, new quieter chipset for Ryzen CPUs

Boards with the AMD X570 chipset are among the best on the market for AMD Ryzen processors. We cannot deny that the launch of the X570S variant has caught us by surprise, as it had not been mentioned in any roadmap.

What is the AMD X570S chipset?

It seems that AMD is thinking of updating the chipsets of the motherboards for its processors, starting with its X570, which will receive an update in the form of X570S. The first motherboard where we will see the new chipset? It will be on the GIGABYTE X570S AORUS Pro AX, which is used in a pre-built computer, probably from GIGABYTE itself.

We have been able to know its existence through a leak carried out by TUM_APISAK, which corresponds to one of the PCs pre-built with an AMD Ryzen 5700G SoC for desktop, a CPU that we remember will not be sold separately.

The AMD X570 chipset first brought support for PCI Express 4.0 to the world of desktop PCs. The new version, X570S, at the moment we do not know all changes with respect to the X570 chipset. Everything indicates that we would be facing a more energy efficient version, with a lower TDP and with the ability to support passive cooling, thereby enabling quieter computers.

Motherboard renewal imminent?

A lower energy consumption in combination with the ability to mount passive cooling is not that these are changes that justify launching a new revision of motherboards with this X570S, but motherboards with the new chipset are still going to come out.

What we do know is that GIGABYTE has submitted 8 new AMD X570S chipset boards for Eurasian Economic Commission approval, which appear to be minor updates to their current X570 models. In any case, it would not be a launch of a new generation of motherboards, but a revision of the same that would replace the current ones and whose strong point would be to be able to mount a quieter PC with less consumption.


It has also been rumored that the X570S would be the chipset to accompany the launch of Warhol, the 6nm version with slight improvements to Zen 3. Baptized on the net as Zen 3+ while waiting for AMD to give it a definitive name. These rumors about the X570S have been completely disproved, and therefore We would not be facing an update to the X570 chipset designed for Zen 3+.

What may be is that AMD has internally reorganized the X570S with respect to the X570. The consequences of it? Nothing for the end user, but this would mean that the distribution of the elements of the motherboard would be different, since they are located according to where the chipset and processor interfaces are located, so they would look different aesthetically if this is the case. .