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AMD Ryzen 7000 “Raphael”, Zen 4-5nm CPUs with Navi2 iGPU

It seems that now, almost a year later, another part of the same roadmap has been shared that completes a good part of the puzzle. A number of Zen 4 architecture products codenamed Raphael have apparently been confirmed (the previous version of this same roadmap only featured “Ra”, and we can assume that it is indeed Raphael), but it did not confirm the Zen 4 architecture or Navi2 architecture integrated graphics, while this new leak does.

AMD Ryzen 7000 already on the way: «Raphael» arrives

Speaking of the Navi2 part, this new leak suggests that the future AMD Ryzen 7000 series of processors will feature integrated graphics. This would mean that the owners of this future generation of Ryzen processors would no longer be forced to use a dedicated graphics, which is an advantage for many users such as those interested in mini PCs in ITX format, since they will not require powerful GPUs. Similarly, it can explain why AMD seems so reluctant to release the 4700G and 4750G processors for the consumer market.

The new filtering of the roadmap fits perfectly with the other piece leaked a few months ago, and here you can see the two joined together (the new part is precisely Raphael’s):

Thus, AMD’s roadmap for the next few years is slowly rebuilding, and although there are still some questions regarding the Zen 3 manufacturing node (which could be a refined 7nm node or already down to 6nm in a new manufacturing node) we can already assume that AMD has the Ryzen 7000 already in its sights.

The Zen 3+-based processors (unofficial name) should be released later this year, and in fact rumors have been pouring in in recent days that both the next-gen Threadripper and the Ryzen 5000 Refresh (or Ryzen 6000) might using the new 6nm fabrication node, which could explain the delay in Threadripper’s launch.

AMD Zen Roadmap

Above you can see a more detailed roadmap of AMD processors as information has been collected (this roadmap has been compiled by @ Olrak29_) and is based on the original leak from August and the information that has been filtered from all other sources ( are mentioned in the image itself).

AMD Zen 4 is still the great unknown

At the moment what is clear is that AMD is still working hard to launch its next generations of processors, and although we already know more or less their nomenclature (Ryzen 7000) and codename (Raphael, etc.), it is still not very clear which lithographs and architectures those in red will use. Everything indicates that Raphael would use a 5 nm node with Zen 4 architecture, but it is rare that it has integrated graphics as it appears in the roadmap, since it indicates that it has RDNA 2 and that would make it an APU.

Zen 4 Fake Logo

In any case, we must take all this information with pieces because although in theory they are based on leaks, there is no information confirmed yet by AMD and that means that even though at this moment all these information could be true, AMD could change them And throw this all away