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AMD Adrenalin 21.5.1, Resident Evil Village drivers

A few weeks after the renewal of its Adrenalin drivers, AMD has just released a new update for them. The Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition drivers in version 21.5.1. Which bring improved support for the latest PC video game releases, as well as the solution to various problems suffered by AMD’s integrated graphics cards and GPUs. Read on to find out what the changes are.

Resident Evil Village is one of the most anticipated games and AMD does not want to be left behind with respect to NVIDIA and like those in green they have also created optimized profiles for their GPUs of the game of the moment.

Best optimization for Resident Evil Village

The recent launch of the eighth installment of the Resident Evil saga has been one of the most anticipated releases of the first half of the year for PC, but the previous version of the AMD Adrenalin drivers did not get all the performance of the game. With the AMD Adrenalin 21.5.1 in the AMD RX 6800 XT you can get up to 13% higher performance running the game at 4K and with all the graphics options to the maximum.

Metro Exodus Enhaced Edition

Another game that has been released recently is the Enhaced Edition of Metro Exodus for PC, which is an impressive facelift of an already visually impressive game. Now RX 6000 users can enjoy this visual wonder on their PCs thanks to the new AMD Adrenalin driver. If you are lucky enough to have an AMD RX 6000, we recommend you try the Enhaced Edition of Metro Exodus, it is worth it and it is an excellent preview of what we will see in PC games thanks to Ray Tracing.

Fixed issues with Adrenalin 21.5.1

AMD Adrenalin

Like any new version of graphics drivers there are a series of problems that have been solved from one version to another, in this case they are the following:

  • The flickering of the tree textures that occurred on Disco Elysium when using an RX 6000 has been fixed.
  • Incorrect temperature information is no longer given on the AMD Ryzen 5 1600.
  • Poor Payday 2 performance at 4K on the RX 6000 has been addressed.
  • Moonlight Blade no longer hangs when entering the game with Ray Tracing enabled.
  • Corruption in green that was seen in some videos within the Radeon Software no longer appears
  • Hotkeys assigned to the numeric keypad were often not saved properly or were lost when updating the Radeon Software.
  • The recording function built into the Radeon Software could not detect and take photos, videos and even tag these in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Communication with Xbox Game Pass for PC has been improved and now Radeon Software supports

Known but unresolved issues

RX 6700 XT

AMD has given a long list of problems to be solved in the following versions of its drivers, but that have not yet been solved in Adrenalin 21.5.1.

  • If you uninstall or update the Radeon Software using the factory reset option, the AMD chipset driver folders may be erased in the process if they are in the same folder. AMD recommends not doing this and using the AMD cleanup utility.
  • Resident Evil Village hangs intermittently during the first mission of the game if you are using an AMD Radeon VII.
  • Enhanced Sync causes problems in some games and causes no image, black screen, if you have this problem disable it.
  • Using two screens with disparate refresh rates and resolutions between them causes problems on the AMX RX Vega.
  • The performance metrics displayed in Radeon Software may give incorrect and much higher than normal values ​​for the memory clock speed.
  • The Radeon Software may experience a hang if we connect a display and are using the Record & Stream tab.
  • Radeon FreeSync gives problems when we do screen switching between two screens. Which causes poor performance and suttering problems. It is recommended to reboot the system.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 shadows are not rendered correctly on RX 6000 with Ray Tracing enabled.
  • The buttons for downloading and launching Ryzen Master sometimes disappear intermittently.
  • If Ryzen Master is not detected by the Adrenalin software a reinstallation is required.
  • DOTA 2 suffers from flickering and graphical corruption issues on AMD Ryzen Mobile 5000s.
  • FPS logging gives logging problems on the Ryzen Mobile 4000 and Ryzen Mobile 5000.

Taking into account the recent renewal of the AMD Adrenalin we are surprised by the appearance of so many errors related to the Radeon Software application, we hope that AMD does not limit itself to presenting a list of intentions and most of these problems will be solved for the next version.