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Amazing Discounts on 4TB USB External Hard Drives

As we have told you many times, the needs of storage in this age of high resolution have changed a lot, and it is increasingly essential to have external hard drives via USB to be able to store our multimedia content or make backup copies of our most important documents. If you need this extra capacity, now we are going to talk about the best offers of the week, through which you can buy external USB drives of 4 TB capacity with until 42% discount.

As you know, external hard drives with USB connection in 2.5-inch format have a capacity limited to 5 TB at the moment, but these drives are still expensive if we put them in comparison with 4 TB drives whose use has become widespread. so much so that today we can consider them the standard. For this reason, it is easier to find this type of discs on offer and with great discounts that if you need a large external storage capacity you do not have to spend half a salary on it.

WD Elements, 42% off 4TB drives

This is one of the best-selling external hard drives on the market, and it is not for nothing that it has one of the best performance, capacity and price ratios that there is (and more now that it is on sale). With 4 TB of capacity and USB 3.0 connection (compatible with USB 2.0) you can use it on practically any device and it will give you plenty of space to store all your documents or multimedia files without problems.

The performance you can expect from this particular drive is around 125MB / s read and 115MB / s write (actual throughput on CrystalDisk Mark), so it won’t be short on you when it comes to transferring performance. of files. In addition, the 5 TB model is also on sale for just 10 euros more.

Seagate Basic, also 4 TB and on sale

Seagate Basic external disk 4 TB

The Seagate Basic series is precisely the most basic, but it is by no means bad. This 4 TB capacity drive has a USB 3.0 connection and is compatible with USB 2.0 and you can use it in almost any device that supports USB storage, including consoles. As in the previous case, this 4 TB unit is on sale but the 5 TB unit is also for just 10 euros more, so it is an opportunity that is worth taking advantage of to have a lot of cheap external storage.

This drive has a slightly better performance than the WD one, since in CrystalDisk Mark it delivers a real performance of about 140 MB / s read and 135 MB / s write, although it is true that the performance will also depend on the controller USB of the device you connect it to.

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