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10% less and 20ºC more

It was the guys from the YouTube channel Testing Games who have compared the performance in games at 4K resolution, facing the consumer flagship of the generation Turing from NVIDIA (the RTX 2080 Ti) in two situations: a completely new model with one exactly the same but that has been used to mine cryptocurrencies for 18 months.

10% less performance and 20ºC more with a mining GPU

From this video we can draw several very clear conclusions: the GPU that was used for mining has a performance of approximately 10% less in games like Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield V or Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. An exception was Forza Horizon 4, in which the difference was slightly larger.

In addition to the loss of performance, the temperature at which the old GPU operates, which becomes as low as 20ºC above of the new graphics card. And is that the main reason behind the difference in performance is that the mining GPU works at a lower boost clock speed precisely because of the higher operating temperature.

This highlights the obvious wear that has suffered the graphics card that has been mining cryptocurrencies for 18 months, with a use of 24 × 7 for a long time.

Should you avoid buying mining charts?

We have seen the obvious difference between a new chart and one that has had a lot of wear from being under load for long periods of time mining cryptocurrencies, but this does not necessarily mean that you should avoid buying charts that have been used for mining. As pointed out in some video comments, the performance of the slower RTX 2080 Ti could be greatly improved with a little maintenance.

Obviously this maintenance implies a complete cleaning of the graphics, but above all a change of the thermal paste of the GPU, since the one that comes from the factory has all the ballots of having dried up and lost its properties after those 18 months of mining. This should significantly lower the GPU operating temperatures and thereby improve performance by being able to achieve higher clock speeds in boost mode.

Obviously, this requires investing time and some money in the thermal paste or thermal pads that you are going to put, but it really is not something too complicated and even users without much experience should be able to do it without problems, as long as they are willing as we said. to spend some time pampering your graph a bit.

Therefore, buying a second-hand graphic that has been used for mining right now might not be a bad idea if you are willing to put in the effort, although even in these “crushed” models it is difficult to find stock at a reasonable price such as there is the market.